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About Astrology

Discover Solutions for All Your Problems with the power of astrology , Numerology and Vastu Shastra. We are here to guide you towards positive energy in your life create a balanced environment that aligns with your goals and aspirations.

What Do We Do ?

Shri Devvarsh is one of the renowned Astrologer, Numerologist and Vastu Expert in Ghaziabad and Delhi . He is known for his in-depth knowledge in Astrology. Devvarsh ji has excellent knowledge of Astrology ,Numerology and Vastu shastra and does accurate predictions through Nadi and Vedic astrology and provides simply and very effective remedies .. Here you can also get all lab-tested and certified gemstones, rudraksh and yantras.

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Why Choose Us

Discover the influence of positive & negative effects of planets in your kundli and find the right direction to solve it Devvarsh ji will analyze your birth chart, planetary positions, and transits to provide you with exact predictions on various aspects of your life, At Devvarsh Astro Vastu we provide lab-tested stones to ensure that you receive genuine and effective gemstones for your remedies.


Devvarsh ji is not only renowned in astrology but also in the field of Vastu Shastra . He has immese knowledge in vastu and can experience any negative energy in your house/shop/factory/land by using vastu scanner.He can identify any imbalances or negative influences that may be affecting the overall energy of the space by using Rudrakhsh pendulam. Based on his analysis, He provides personalized recommendations to optimize the energy flow and create a balanced environment of your property.We provide practical and effective remedies, such as the placement of specific objects and yantras (sacred geometrical symbols).


Numerology is the study of numbers & provides insights into personality traits and compatibility with others, Analyze your name and date of birth to provide insights into your personality, strengths, weaknesses accordingilly to numerological analysis.
1. Name Correctioncan help enhance positive vibrations and attract favorable energies.
2.Compatibility Analysis can be applied to assess compatibility between individuals, such as in relationships or business partnerships..
3.Lucky Numbers and Dates: ( Lucky house , mobile number and car number)

Unlock the power of numerological vibrations to enhance luck and success in various areas of life.


Property Purchase, Car Purchase Dates
Investment Dates, Muhurat


Kundli matching for couples considering marriage


Lal kitab remedies provides positive results within few hours


What My Client Say

“DevvarshAstroVastu is one person who will give solutions to all your problems under one roof. He is magnificent in his approach, he will address your issues and will give you accurate remedies for the same. He is educated, knowledgeable, and extremely down-to-earth. He is here to change the image of astrology. Whenever I get stuck with my problems he is my only go-to person.”

Shenu Tyagi

“I know Devvarsh ji from a very long time now. He has been excellent in predicting the future. Not only on predicting but giving full acknowledgement to your problem he will make sure he has the best remedy to sort it out. From my side i recommend him strongly.”

Bhoomika Shah

“Devvarsh ji is the best astrologer I have met in my life. The way he explain details about your kundli is amazing and you can relate to what he is saying. He corrected my name spelling as well which is working now!! His remedies are very simple and effective. Thanks Devvarsh ji”

Pradeep Bhati

“One of most knowledgeable person I met. My experience was very fruitful..boosted my self confidence, moral. Perfect blend of Vedic and modern world...his knowledge and solution were spot on... He's a very nice human being...down to earth, polite. I highly recommend Devvarsha ji to the people who are looking for mentor and guidance.”

Tarun Butola

“I'm very very happy with his suggestions and I highly recommend everyone to consult him for Vastu and Astrology. He is no doubt the best Vastu consultant in Delhi-NCR”

Nitish Tyagi

“Must say best astrologer. Very understanding. Consulted for financial and some family problem. Now everything is running smoothly. Thanks devvarshji.”

Amrit Bajaj

“Highly recommended, I have known devvarsh ji for many years , my whole family consults him...”

Divya Malik Bajaj

“One of the finest place to consult all your astrology related problems... Keep doing the good work sir...”

Bharat kumar